Regal Mania Deluxe: Match 3

Regal Mania Deluxe: Match 3

Regal Mania Deluxe: Match 3

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Regal Mania Deluxe: Match 3 - Kids Gameplay Android

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Welcome to Regal Mania Deluxe, where legends are born. Will you be the next hero in cascade city? Blast gems and smash diamonds while you are making three in a line, or more. Explore the opportunities in the field and enjoy this match 3 puzzle game long time! Great sound effects, amazing animations and addictive gameplay. Try it out!

Regal Mania Deluxe is a great addition to the cascade games you like to play. Making three in a line or other match 3 puzzle game experiences will be perfect for this one! What about to blast gems and smash diamonds in this one?

Your job is to blast gems in the field that are ready to put together. They will explode and you will get the credits. Reaching the top, reaching the high score in this cascade matching game.

Use your knowledge to achieve bigger and bigger bonuses. Collect stars and use your skills in a perfect way to get out of reality for a while.

This match 3 puzzle game is one of the greatest game to play for everybody. Nice game for kids, but also great challenge for everyone! Can you win all in this diamonds cascade matching game?

Enjoy one of the greatest sound effects and animations while playing. Get packed with the addictive gameplay! Blast gems and smash diamonds until you reach your goal. It might not be easy, but you like a challenge. Right? Every single level is possible to pass, take a shot on luck! Cascade diamonds are just one download away.

Connect your game with Facebook to collect daily bonus and reach out to friends of you. Invite them to play with you and beat their score to show your skills in this! Regal Mania Deluxe is perfect to spend free time to make three in a line or more. Catch a movie to collect free extra moves. Blast gems and smash diamonds during your journey through the Regal Mania Deluxe kingdom. Be king, be hero, be a winner in cascade!

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